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Indrani Anti-Acne Gel Review | Miracle Acne Treatment | Beauty Review | Beauty Collaboration

An unexpected premium product that helped save my skin in past 15 days after a surprise acute acne attack is here in the form of Indrani Cosmetics Anti-Acne Gel with Neem and Salicylic Acid. Yes, this is the same acne attack that I talked about in my Choonkar Organics Neem Oil Review. 

One fine day I woke up to acute redness all over my cheeks and big painful pimples..and it is by combination of these two products that today it is much under control- Choonkar Neem Oil and Indrani Anti-Acne Gel. Here is a detailed look at Indrani's star product :)

Packaging of Indrani Cosmetics Anti-Acne Gel is simple and beautiful I like the way they have kept their brand packaging simple but to the point. This one has a soothing green hue to signify the presence of cleansing and purifying neem. 

Ingredients list is simple with Neem and Salicylic Acid being the star products and some other minimal chemicals that are necessary for any product formulation. It is not paraben free but that had not harmed my skin in any way.

Claims to reduce acute condition of acne. Simple and to-the-point. LOVE IT.

Availability of Indrani Anti Acne Gel is good on Amazon and it is available for Rs. 234 for 50 grams which is extremely value for money considering its effects.

Quantity of this gel is enough to last 20-25 days even if applied liberally on all acne spots twice a day.

Usage - Apply on clean face at night, wash off in the morning.

Effect - The anti-acne gel with Neem and Salicylic Acid as the main ingredients, promises to work on acute acne and is especially for oily skin.

I have combination and ultra sensitive skin that faces inflammation and acne outbreaks from time to time and about 15-17 days ago I woke up to painful pimples all over my cheeks.

This beautiful anti-acne gel is one of the few products that worked in taking away the pain + redness, alongside Choonkar neem oil. Yup, I doubled the amount of neem for faster results because the pimples were hurting real bad.

It smells little medicinal, not bad but strong, it is expected from an authentic neem product. After applying a thin layer, it absorbs a bit on my skin and rests on top too but I don't feel any tingling or increase in inflammation. Rather I feel soothed and it instantly calms my skin down.

I keep it on for about 3-4 hours before washing it off because I am very cautious about my facial skin and don't take any chances with any product but I am sure this is fine to apply for whole night too. I have a night routine where I only apply aloe vera gel for whole night and this is a routine I have followed for years. My problematic skin has its own tantrums and I don't want to experiment and worsen anything there. But my skin is a rarity and if your skin is normal-ish then you can easily trust this product to work on your acne all night long :)

Trust me, if it works on my super problematic skin, it will surely work on anyone's skin! It is a miracle product and I highly recommend it to all acne sufferers.  

  • True to its claims
  • Soothes, calms skin, gives a protective feel on acne spots
  • Reduces inflammation of acne spots really quickly
  • Value for money since only a small amount is needed to be applied
  • Travel friendly, easy to use, serene packaging
  • Available on Amazon
  • None really!

Recommended -YES. An absolutely amazing product from Indrani Cosmetics for all acne sufferers. Rating is 5/5.


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