Friday, 25 January 2019

The Bawa Kitchen | Delicious Vegetarian North Indian Food | Home Delivery | Food Review

Tried some delicacies from here for lunch today, and everything was absolutely delicious. Ofcourse some tweaks can always be made for improvement but overall, my family's experience was flawless for food from The Bawa Kitchen :)

Delivery was done an hour before time! Very polite and courteous delivery staff too. Packaging was very secure, food fresh and hot, everything properly labelled. Biryani came in an actual earthen pot! Brilliant. Quantity is very good. One portion of Biryani enough to fill 3 of us! Food was accompanied with extras such as kachumbar salad, garlic bread to give perfect dining experience. Prices very down to earth for quantity + quality. 

CLASSIC PANEER TIKKA + SAUFIYANI PANEER TIKKA- While classic paneer tikka is on spicier side, marinated in red paste of spices, the saufiyani one is on sweeter side with wonderful marination of yellow paste with saffron and cardamom. 8 pieces each. RECOMMENDED.

PANEER JALFREZI - Hearty paneer cooked in tomato based gravy with spices, mainly pepper. Nice.

VEG DO PYAAZA- Mixed veggies such as beans, carrots, brinjals cooked in spicy onion based gravy, DELICIOUS. 

Both gravies went very well with accompanying PHULKA, GARLIC NAAN and ROOMALI ROTI. My dad especially LOVED THE PHULKAS and said that they were exquisite.

VEG MATKI BIRYANI- Came in an actual matki, sealed shut with a band of atta on top to keep the spicy flavor intact. AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS. All the spices, veggies, everything was perfect. Real true blue biryani. Try this one for sure. Raita accompanying it was fresh and cooling.

This brilliant dining experience was topped off with GULAB JAMUN, they were delicious too. Nothing much to add here.

Based on our dining experience we can say that The Bawa Kitchen serves some delicious versions of classic Indian dishes that are loved by all. I personally thought that the oil content in the veg gravy was a bit much but my parents LOVED both the gravies so maybe I am in a minority here. I usually do not like much oil content but in general, when people talk of hearty North Indian or Punjabi style food, a lot of oil/ghee/butter is sort of expected. Who wants to count calories while partying, right? :D

We had quite a few heavy dishes but none to make our tummies feel uncomfortable. Shows the quality of ingredients used. All in all, excellent dining experience. The Bawa Kitchen comes 100% recommended from my family. Bon Appetit! 

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