Friday, 6 April 2018

Pickle And Pint At Paradise By Tunga MIDC Andheri Mumbai | Family Foodie Destination | Food Review

I had heard about good food at Tunga Paradise but somehow never been able to visit this side of town to partake in some delicacies myself. An invite to newly opened Pickle & Pint came as the most opportune way to see for myself how good they are. And boy,are they good :D

A classy family dining area, an open-air lounge and an indoor lounge area with facilities to watch sports on big screen TV, complete bar and a small dancing space (on request) too- Pickle & Pint offers all this under one roof. The diversity follows in the menu with Indian, continental, oriental dishes vying for attention from veggies as well as non veggies. Looking at the top-notch quality and good quantity, prices are very reasonable. Moreover, they take feedback very seriously so make sure to lend them some notes on your preferences as we loved our personalized food as well as drinks and excellent service from start to finish.

We started off by telling them how we like our drinks, they brought us just what we wanted-

Mango Bite for my mom who loved the mango + litchi combo,
Triple Treat for sister with pineapple + lime juice + lemongrass,
For dad a special seasonal Kokum cooler,
And a Ginger-Lemon refreshing mocktail for me, couldn't have asked for anything better myself :) 

Thereafter we sort of filled up on starters alone- 

Khichiya Papad that had chopped onions,tomatoes, on top making it a cousin of famous Kadak Roomali but less buttery, really loved it, 

Oriental Veggies Salt & Pepper that brought a hint of spice + tanginess to our palate, mom loved it and so will anyone with fondness for classic Indo-chinese dishes like manchurian,

Bharwan Aloo with excellent pudina chutney alongside gave a dose of starch, the stuffing of mixed veggies and paneer was good,

Ek Tandoor Do Phool my personal FAVORITE with spicy yogurt marination on cauliflowers and creamy yogurt marination on broccoli, we finished it off within minutes! 

Vegetable Dumplings are another MUST-HAVE with mushrooms, chives being the flavors we tasted and absolutely adored, the outer layer was not thick or doughy and the filling was generous, it did not even need any dip to enhance the taste, 

Asparagus & Broccoli Bao is a MUST for bao lovers with crisp crunch of asparagus and sweet-tangy barbecue sauce making a good medley for someone like me who loves explosion of flavors on my palate :)

Charred Paneer & Lettuce Burger surprised us at first because it was not laden with sauce/mayo like most burgers are, but then we noticed it was brought with dips and sauces alongside so we can use them as per our own preference. GREAT! Even on its own, I LOVED the soft bun and simple but memorable paneer-lettuce combo.

For main course, my north Indian food loving parents chose a simple Paneer gravy alongside Reshmi Paratha and Roomali Roti and it was all good. We really wanted to try some of their noodles but the starters round had filled us to the brim so we just tried the main course Indian.

Coming to desserts, it was decent, Rasgulla and Gulab Jamun were not extra sweet while Vanilla and Mango icecreams were creamy without any irritating icy bits :)

Having walked in without any expectations, honestly we came away very impressed. This MIDC area honestly does not have many great dining destinations but my family truly feels Pickle & Pint is going to a strong runner here and we will surely come back soon.

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