Friday, 2 March 2018

Beauty Review | Forest Essentials Nargis Velvet Silk Body Cream | Luxury Beauty Brand | Indian Fashion Lifestyle Blogger

Forest Essentials products are among the best beauty products I have ever tried. In fact, Forest Essentials Ubtan and Forest Essentials Bhringraj & Shikaki Hair Cleanser are my absolute favorites. Their lip scrubs, conditioners, body wash and face wash are pretty good too. They craft some luxurious beauty products using ancient Ayurvedic secrets. That is why I did not think twice before picking up Forest Essentials Nargis Velvet Silk Body Cream for some much-needed TLC for my body!

As always, Packaging of Forest Essentials Nargis Velvet Silk Body Cream is very luxurious and the little tub is beautiful to look at as well as travel friendly. Its Ingredients list includes a who's who of beneficial agents such as Sweet Almond oil, Jojoba seed oil, Olive fruit oil, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Vitamin E and so on! Claims to smoothen body skin, increase elasticity, soften skin like silk. It is available in Forest Essentials stores as well as online on Amazon for Rs. 1700 for 200 grams. Quantity is good enough to last for a month even when slathered all over body twice everyday.

At first look itself, the cream looks dense like whipped cream, perfect for dry skin. Feels cool to touch and applying it gives a luxurious feel too. The fragrance of Nargis is sweet yet subtle and lingers for quite some time. It does smoothen skin, makes it soft and banishes dryness for good 6-7 hours even during winters. For extra dry skin, reapplying after 5 hours is a good idea. It feels greasy in beginning but is absorbed within 10 minutes and basically does everything it claims. 

My hands especially had huge rough patches, extremely dry and rough elbows but within a week, all those problems are resolved and I have softest baby-like skin even in elbows area.

Price is high but since the product is so full of great natural ingredients and feels natural on applying too, I do not mind paying so much for a great product. Another winner from Forest Essentials brand :)

  • Premium Authentic Ayurvedic Formulation
  • Luxurious Fragrance
  • Thick consistency, perfect for extremely dry skin
  • Makes skin soft, smooth, silky
  • Resolves dry patches, dry elbows, knuckles 
  • Results last good 5-6 hours
  • Available on Amazon

  • Like all Forest Essentials products, is pricey!
Recommended- YES! One of the best body creams that does everything it claims. Rating is 5/5.

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