Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Pan Asian Experience At Buddha Bowl | Home Delivered Deliciousness | Food Review

Want to travel through East Asia without leaving home? Buddha Bowl is the answer to that as I recently discovered after trying some dishes from here at a friend's place :) Priced a bit on the higher side, everything here is delicious + healthy, made using freshest, quality ingredients, delivery is very prompt, packaging is secure and quantity is more than enough for 1 hungry soul per dish. For the gourmet level experience, prices can be deemed worthwhile too :)

Started with Buddha Ramen Bowl, a Japanese specialty, I have not had this dish more than 2 times in my whole life, so don't really know how it is supposed to be authentically but the version here is really good with noodles, sprouts, loads of veggies, a very different yet delicious experience.

On to Veg Thai Green Curry with Jasmine Rice, lovely fragrant coconut milk based curry with Paneer and veggies, just how one would expect a great Thai curry to be,

Would specially recommend Veg Bong Chong Bowl, with sweet-spicy potatoes, grilled vegetables and quinoa pilaf, loved the whole combination and explosion of flavors,

My sister also loved Veg Som Tam Salad with crunchy raw papaya, whole wheat noodles in sour-sweet-spicy sauce, paneer, crunchy sesame seeds, again a wholesome healthy meal option,

For dessert option, go blindly for Budina cup, chocolate pudding with hazelnut crumble, yummy in the tummy :D
Overall, sure a bit pricey but when I really want gourmet level Asian food experience, I would definitely reorder from Buddha Bowl :) 

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