Friday, 12 May 2017

Breakfast Menu NRI - Not Really Indian | Vegetarian Food Review | Restaurant Review | Food Photography

Early morning stroll through BKC turned even better as we walked in to this lovely spacious house of taste - NRI- to review their all new Breakfast Menu available everyday from 8.30-11 AM. The ambiance is tasteful, elegant and screams fine dine from the word get go, the staff exceedingly warm and helpful. With the concept of serving Indian food with a twist making it stand out, we were more than ready to dig into the breakfast specialties and they rewarded us immensely in terms of innovation, taste as well as health quotient. Each dish in breakfast menu shows the calories it contains, thus making it easy to choose something as per one's health/diet chart! And for hippos like me, the milkshake + smoothies section in itself is more than sufficient to take us to 7th heaven :D

I tried Turmeric Hot Milk which was divine, followed by Banana+ Peanut butter shake, best for someone who loves Toblerone (I do!) while my sister enjoyed the tangy yet creamy combination of strawberry + kiwi (antioxidants power!) and my mom loved her Old Fashioned Shake with real dry fruits (one sip and our hearts screamed with pleasure like a 5 year old walking into Disneyland the first time!)

Not being able to choose 1 or 2 dishes from the food section, we asked the ever-smiling chef to present us with small portions of ..well, everything. And it was a feast. We started with Multigrain Porridge with Berries, Cinnamon Honey and Cocoa, very simple, basic ingredients making it wholesome and went on to 3 types of Parathas - Potato Green Garlic, Do Pyaaz Mirchi and Peri Peri Cheese. If you want me to suggest just 1 from these, I can't because all 3 were fantastic-very reminiscent of the typical Punjabi breakfast, including grandma's loving touch through a dollop of butter! The crunch in Do Pyaaz Mirchi was especially endearing to me :)

For those loving their dosas and uttapams, like my mom does, I suggest Hopper with Seeni Sambol and Tomato Chutney, sort of a clean modern take on good old Appam, it made my mom extremely happy and would be loved by everyone.

My personal favorites include Moringa Yogurt with Berries, Nuts, Fruits and Honey, a combination of all things good and tangy-sweet, making my sweet jaw happy beyond belief. It wasn't tooooo sweet, just a hint from real fruits and honey that gives the delicious kick of health while making tastebuds happy. My sister loved Fresh cut fruits with Vanilla Yogurt and Chia Seeds, even though normally she stays away from Chia Seeds just like Voldemort stays away from Dumbledore :P

We were pleasantly surprised by Apam Balik, it came in looking like a Dosa pancake but it was something different, thanks to Fruit Slaw, Coconut Jam and Syrup accompanying it to elevate it to another level.

As is evident, every dish here is carefully thought out and put together to give the best of both worlds-health + taste, incorporating different ingredients and textures that blend together magnificently. I wish I could go back here everyday to have a different dish for breakfast everyday, lucky are the folks working around here. The prices might seem high at a glance but for the extraordinarily lovely experience of dining here, it is completely worth it.

We ended up consuming more calories in 2 hours here than we should in a week but who is regretting? We cannot wait to come back very very soon :)

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