Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Sheesha Sky Lounge | Wholesome Indian Goodness | Food Review | Restaurant Review

Shifting to a new house sucks! Your items get lost,like I almost lost my bag containing all tech items, including my laptop and my camera, which contained all the pics taken during the review dinner in last fortnight and led to this abominable delay in me putting up this review! Yeah, so moving houses sucks,

What doesn't suck is Sheesha Sky Lounge, it is actually a pretty nice place to land up at with friends for a perfect chilled out evening :)

We were here about a fortnight ago to sample some of their delicious offerings on a breezy weekday evening. Took an elevator to the top and walked into a reallllly huge space divided into 2 zones-enclosed dining space & bar as well as open air rooftop sheesha and dining place. You can have an entire wedding party of 300 people eat and dance comfortably here! Ambiance, very very cool, instantly relaxing us, especially with good rooftop views around us. The decor is part industrial,part Arabian Nights-ish,part typical hookah place, part get the idea,right :D Utterly perfect for go here with friends which is what we noticed people all around us doing, gossiping or catching up with friends over some sheesha and good food (it was about 75% occupied at 8.30 PM on a weekday,that's really good),

Since we neither do sheesha nor drink, we only focused on food and it did not disappoint us at all, so this goes in the list of one of those rare places that do not neglect any department be it food,drinks or sheesha. Prices are not that high either, Rs. 300 for a Veg Biryani that can stuff 2 very hungry folks and Naan/Kulcha around 80-90 bucks is pretty good for this ambiance, quality and quantity. The only thing they can improve on is service time, since our food came in quite late (almost half hour of waiting and 3 reminders) and was also a bit cold. But our staff was fantastic, they did tell us there was some problem in the kitchen, maybe it was an off day, or just teething problems of the beginning days, once we had the food we really liked it though :) The staff was really helpful and friendly.

We started off with Paan Gulkand and Fresh Lime Soda,former being a sweet creamy concoction with dominant paan flavor with gulkand supporting it fantastically, maybe not everyone's cup of tea but we loooooved it, and would love it again sometime as a dessert item in itself :D Fresh Lime Soda was usual, refreshing :)

Since we could not decide on one starter but wanted to overdose on paneer, we requested for a special Paneer Tikka Platter and were happily served one with a variety i.e. Paneer Afghani Tikka, Paneer Ajwaini Tikka, Paneer Malai Tikka, all soft and scrumptious with various marinades making them melt in mouth for us, look out for the chutneys and dips they serve alongside, absolute KILLER!

In main course, we had Mughlai Kofta, soft Veg koftas in rich, creamy, dense gravy as well as Paneer Nawabi, soft Paneer chunks in mildly sweetish-spicy gravy with lovely Cheese Garlic Naan, wholesome Aloo-Onion Paratha, all of this enough to fill up 3 people easily (thank God we were starving and we also got left-overs packed) Actually gravy wise both were kinda similar but enjoyable nonetheless, next time we will try something drastic like one extra spicy and one sweet-ish dish :D 

Menu has more options for the non veggies but veggies have a full house of options too, many classic north Indian and mughlai dishes, so no complaints,

Finally we tried Subz Dum Biryani, and again it was not a generic Pulao served in the name of Biryani and rather a rich medley of veggies with proper layer of masalas and fragrant rice, actually we got it packed and our mom finished it at home and her verdict is, very very good Biryani :)

All in all, a really good meal in fantastic ambiance with some wonderful staff, just a little bit of tweak here and there needed, but nothing is gonna stop this sky lounge from touching the sky in terms of success :)

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