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Stunning Bedroom Decoration Tips | Interior Decor Files Part 4 | Lifestyle Diaries

Bringing my interior decor knowledge to practical step, I have done a little bit of interior decor of my bathroom (read Part 1 and Part 2 for the same here!) and then moved on to deciding on a bedroom design style (read all about my choices and yours in Part 3 here!) and now (drum-rolls) it is time to put the finishing touches to my bedroom with a comprehensive interiors plan. Hopefully, this will be a helpful catalogue for others too!

Bedrooms are our personal oasis of calm and rest, especially considering the importance of sleep to our general health. They are not that often shown to visitors but that is no reason to not invest in their décor and design. A bedroom is the place to recharge at the end of the day. It needs just a bit of planning & creativity to turn them into perfect dream-zones with these simple bedroom decoration designs.

Splash of colour

The easiest way to put bedroom decoration designs to work is by using colours with a simple tip of ‘as per preference’. Some people love bold colours while some need a little pop here and there. Paint the walls red and match it with muted coloured curtains or use psychedelic artwork above the bed. Patch grey walls with bright purple lamps. Most importantly, use patterns and textures to create different looks. Pillows, curtains, bed linen in different colours and patterns make the décor interesting. The possibilities are endless as colours of bed, linen, curtains, quilts, lamps, rugs and more come together to create a rich tapestry.

Bedroom Decoration Interior Design Lifestyle Blogger

Beautiful bright orange and elegant golden colours are matched with the rustic architecture to create extraordinary bedroom

Bedroom Decoration Interior Design Lifestyle Blogger

Gorgeous lanterns and dark wood floors bring the only splash of colour in this bare minimal themed simple white bedroom

Bedroom Decoration Interior Design Lifestyle Blogger

Playful kids’ room makes bold colours choices to create a vibrant space for young ones

Make space work

Some bedrooms are small while some are large. The bedroom decoration designs take into consideration the different space specifications. For larger rooms, a number of different knick-knacks such as a study table, ottomans, vintage nightstands and hand-woven carpets or intricate rugs can be used to make the bedroom come alive. For smaller rooms, under-bed drawers, in-wall shelves, wall-fitted lamps, overhead lighting fixtures, bunk beds are intelligent ideas to beat the space crunch.

Bedroom Decoration Interior Design Lifestyle Blogger

For really small bedroom, a soft colour tone is interspersed with in-wall shelves that display a colourful row of books

Accessorize to perfection

Whether the bedroom is large or small in size, bedroom decoration designs ideas bring a number of accessories to use with élan. Photographs, artworks, wallpapers, potted plants (real or artificial), vintage dressers, posters, stickers are just some ways to brighten up the bedroom, giving it a unique personality. Give books a place of pride on a vintage bookshelf situated right by the bed or make a vintage chair the focal point of the room by placing it in centre of the room.

Bedroom Decoration Interior Design Lifestyle Blogger

The quirky wallpaper provides a whole new dimension to an otherwise simple decor

Bedroom Decoration Interior Design Lifestyle Blogger

Plants, Tree, Rug and even the modern art above the bed, all come together to create a natural, earthy ambiance

Bedroom Decoration Interior Design Lifestyle Blogger

Using photographs above the bed on a clothesline is a unique wall décor idea which gives a personal touch to the bedroom

Hone the theme

Colours, accessories, storage ideas, all come together beautifully and purposefully when a theme weaves them together. A bedroom can be converted into a spa space with Zen-like elements that would include soft golden colours on the wall, elegant and very soft low-lying simple bed, layers of comforters, statue or sculptures of Buddha on nightstand, scented candles, elegant flower arrangement and so on! Similarly, funky artwork with polka dotted wallpaper, nightstand and lamps picked from antique store and whimsical artwork on walls by surreal artists would put together a new-age/ post-modern theme. One can also mix and match such as using floral pillows and quilt with contemporary artwork and Victorian-era dresser. The theme options are as wide as the world itself. From nautical to floral, from royalty to minimal contemporary, the ways in which each element of a bedroom can be designed are countless.

Bedroom Decoration Interior Design Lifestyle Blogger

Soft colours, cosy wrought iron bed and farmhouse-style dressers make this a perfect country-themed bedroom

Bedroom Decoration Interior Design Lifestyle Blogger

From bed linen to curtains, the floral theme in enthused in everything

Bedroom Decoration Interior Design Lifestyle Blogger

A Buddha inspired Zen-like ambiance is created with simplicity and calmness as the theme

Thus, bedroom decorations designs have multitude of ideas to create any bedroom into the most beautiful room of the home and I am going to mix and match several beautiful elements to create my personal heaven :)

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