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Antique Doll Collection | Hobby And So Much More!

Antique Doll Collection is one of the most popular hobbies. Yet, many people cannot fathom how dolls can be ever considered something worthy of collection because they look at dolls only as a toy which needs to be discarded after kids grow up. I have seen this first hand as a neighbor of ours (when I was a kid) used to keep a doll collection and I distinctly remember everyone in our neighborhood regarding him as cuckoo! However, just a couple of weeks ago, I came across him on a social media channel, participating in an international doll show as a sort of expert! That made me want to delve deep into this world and know more about it :)

Antique Doll Collection

Antique Doll Collection is a popular hobby which is not restricted to any particular group. Teenagers, businessmen, women, old people, basically people of all ages and genders have this hobby all around the world. They do not collect dolls only as an object of their fascination or reminder of their childhood; rather many of them are serious students of history of arts, sculptures and costuming as depicted through dolls of different eras. They can differentiate between the various kinds of antique dolls, from French Bisques to German Bisques, from Kewpies to Porcelain, from Madame Alexander to Boudoir!

It is a myth that Antique Doll Collection is a hobby reserved for the rich alone since there are many ways doll collectors can get rare vintage pieces at down to earth prices, such as at auctions or online portals such as eBay.

Another misconception is that only eccentric people or social misfits indulge in this hobby. Nothing could be further from truth! There are numerous doll forums, local clubs, doll shows and conventions where doll collectors meet up. These occasions are also a great way to showcase one’s own doll collections.

It is not true that all dolls are collected only for them to be sold off later at a higher price. But yes, in general, many dolls do increase in value after some time at which point their owners can definitely make a little fortune by selling them. For e.g. some dolls can be sold for as high as $3000 at auction even though they were bought for as low as 100$ some decades ago.

Antique Doll Collection is not a hobby to be undertaken lightly because upkeep of an antique doll takes a lot of effort. It needs to be cleaned regularly, preserved at the right temperature in right surroundings and protected from damage via pets, harsh lights, bugs, chemicals and so on. But for those who love antique dolls, it is definitely a very emotionally rewarding one.

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