Monday 11 January 2016

Discovering Mumbai - Kala Ghoda

Having my Memories Trip back to Kala Ghoda Arts Festival Part 1 and Part 2 reminded me, how beautiful my city is and how much is there to cherish and admire in every lane here. So now I have decided to let the amateur photographer in me free and click away the beauty of this world whenever, wherever possible :) It could be a mall trip, it could be a temple trip, it could just be a lazy afternoon walk through a friend's residential area, I am going to be looking at things in a frame :D So presenting here, one of Mumbai's most beautiful artistic areas- Kala Ghoda! Even when Kala Ghoda Arts Festival is not going on, there is an old world charm that permeates the air here. Enjoy for yourself, the colorful treasures that reside here and don't be surprised if it reminds you of a quaint Spanish or Portuguese town! (And no,those clouds in the last couple of pictures are not special effects,they actually looked like that :D)


  1. Love walking through this narrow lanes of the beautiful part of the city!! And you have captured it so perfectly :)

  2. Nice clicks of this quirky place.


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