Monday, 31 August 2015

Vaseline Healthy White Lightening Visible Fairness Lotion Review

Okay, don't judge me harshly just because I am reviewing a 'whitening' product here :P I am Indian :P AND I am tanned :P AND in India,almost every second product is termed 'whitening' even if it is just to prevent tanning or reduce tanning get the drift! So yes,I use a lot of products with this label of 'whitening' but that does not mean I believe that they will turn me into someone as fair as Katrina Kaif or Kareena Kapoor :P

Now Vaseline has this whole bunch of Skin Lightening lotions! There is something called 'Triple Lightening', something called 'Complete 10 Lightening' & so on. Why can't there be 1 lotion at the end of the day? I do not get this! I have used almost all of them and cannot discern any difference between them, the ingredients list is also the same and they are all about preventing tanning and removing the tan that is already present! Aaaaargh!

Anyway, so I bought the first one I saw :D From Flipkart where it is available for Rs. 230 for 300 ml which is veryyyyyy affordable and quantity is enough to last nearly 1 & 1/2 to 2 months for a normal skinned person.


Packaging is very sturdy and very travel friendly too. Claims is basically generic i.e. it lightens skin tone by removing tine, fine lines, gives smooth soft skin. Ingredients list is again what you would expect from Vaseline-full of chemicals that I cannot pronounce :P And somewhere in there, Glycerin & Yoghurt are also mentioned though what is the percentage of their existence within this mesh of chemicals? Who knows? :D I am just gonna assume it is a big pile of chemicals and nothing else :P


It looks a little pinkish in color which would make a lot of women happy,I know my mom is very happy with the color and the Fragrance which is pleasant and reminds us of Pond's Talc :D It is fresh and nice.


                  My hand is not actually this fat :P The camera adds 10 pounds :D


                     Okay,I guess my hand IS this fat :P Fine, get over it :D

I applied it regularly for a month and so did my mom. On applying,it gives an instant cool feel and gets absorbed in the skin within 10 seconds and gives a little glow. Now,my skin is extremely dry and parched for moisture while my mom's skin is very normal. On most days.she does not even need a moisturizer while I need it like someone in desert needs water! So this lotion made my skin feel dry within 4 hours and I needed to reapply it. But my mom loved it and actually felt that this made her skin feel plump and healthy for a good 7-8 hours. It also protects us like a sunscreen effectively and I could see no more new tanning on my hands. In terms of reduction of tan,it wasn't that effective for me but as I said, my mom was happy. So I ended up giving this lotion to her only for daily use :)

  • Non-greasy, absorbs quickly and gives instant glow 
  • Pinkish lotion looks cute, fragrance is fresh
  • Reduces tanning to little extent and prevents new tanning
  • Lasts for a long time, very affordable
  • Did not lead to any allergic reaction on my super-sensitive skin in any way
  • Easily available everywhere, offline as well as on Flipkart, Amazon etc. :)
  • Works good only on normal skinned people like my mom or oily skinned beauties, Dry Skin please stay away!
  • Full of chemicals, but I guess most people do not care about that,we have chemicals in everything anyway :D
  • Nothing lightening or healthy about it, there is no 'instant fair' or 'illumination' or anything like this :P They should have named it a simple sunscreen lotion :)

Recommended- Umm, MAYBE! I am giving it a rating of 2.5/ 5 for my extremely dry skin but my mom's normal skin gives it a 3.5/5 rating. So you can try it for yourself and see how it fares :)

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