Sunday, 2 September 2018

Pav-O-Licious Peddar Road Mumbai | Gourmet Pav Sandwiches | Food Review

Mumbai’s favourite all-time snack (and a lifesaver, especially during our college days!) has been upgraded with a variety of stuffing for every tastebud. Pav-O-Licious offers some really lipsmacking versions. Loved all that we tried here for a review session.

Delivery was on time, Pavs were securely packaged and quantity (2 Pavs) is enough for a hungry hippo like me for lunch, so not very expensive either. We tried and loved-
BHARWAN MUSHROOM TIKKA PAV- Mildly spicy, mildly creamy and tangy due to presence of hung curd, juicy mushrooms, mushroom lovers must have this,
PANEER MAKHANI PAV- My favourite, slightly sweet-slightly  tangy paneer makhani gravy stuffed generously inside the Pav, oh boy it was a delight in every bite :D
NUTELLA PAV- MUST-HAVE! Buttery deliciousness in every bite. It is nutella after all, generously slathered inside pav, what more does one want from life :P
Would suggest Pav-o-licious to every foodie out there. Bon Appetit!

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