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My Struggle With Rosacea And Damaged Moisture Barrier | A Beauty Blogger Speaks | How To Repair Skin's Damaged Moisture Barrier | Learn From My Mistakes

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how to deal with rosacea and damaged skin moisture barrier
Hello Sweetie! This is you in the future...asking you to not grow up :P
Look at the bindi and the lipstick..hey but what's that on my nose and cheeks,the redness? Makeup? Nope. My mom didn't use makeup nor did I. That's ROSACEA. I was born with it.

Skin conditions like Rosacea, Eczema, Dermatitis etc. are characterized by such symptoms- persistent redness, rashes, inflammation, sensitivity, blemishes, painful acne...aaaaaargh. 

Lucky me that it is extremely mild for me. All through my childhood and college days, I only got redness and acne periodically-on exposure to extreme temperatures or using very harmful skincare product. Rest of the time, quite normal. But when I did get a rosacea flare up, it felt like my cheeks were burning :(

And then I became a beauty enthusiast and finally a blogger, USING EVERYTHING under the sun. Clay masks, serums, creams, lotions, scrubs..after all I was the fool who looked at all the advertisements and bought their claims...I kept thinking 'This cream will make me look that that celebrity, this product will give me poreless skin, this will heal my blemishes, this will give me glowing skin'.

And for most part, YES THEY DID! Sorry for yelling...but it is true. I did end up using a lot of beauty products that worked fabulously for me, Forest Essentials Ubtan, Himalaya Neem Face Wash, Aroma Magic Face Packs... oh those were the days. But then...something happened.

What is Skin's Moisture Barrier? How Did I Damage It?

So our skin is an organ too, right? Different people are born with different skin types. Someone's skin is permanently oily, someone's is dry, someone's is sensitive, I was born with mild rosacea and sensitive skin, my mother has normal skin, my sister has oily...But all of us are born with a layer that protects the different layers of our skin from external aggressors. This is the skin barrier.

Now how did I damage it? Kids, read and learn!!!

-First, I already have sensitive skin. I should have never used a tonne of different products on my skin but I did. Because I was naive and there was nobody to tell me in 1990s and even 2000s about how to take care of my skin. The beauty industry was opening up and all I could see was bombardment of ads to use different beauty products to look like a celebrity.

-Secondly, all the beauty products are marketed with 'This is good for all skin types', 'Dermatologically tested', 'Chemicals -free', 'Pure, ayurvedic, organic' etc. etc. There was no reason for me to feel like anything was unsafe for my skin, right? What a fool I was!

-Thirdly, when I started using the different lotions and scrubs and creams and saw that yes, temporarily my skin was looking brighter and softer, I was not aware of the fact that I was damaging my skin in the long run. About 10 years ago, I started on the apricot scrub bandwagon and it made my skin feel soooooo smooth that I was exfoliating my skin almost every alternate day. EVERY ALTERNATE DAY. Who scrubs their face 3-4 times a week???? I DID! Like a fool! Of course as time passed my skin's protective layer got damaged because I was using harsh scrubs so liberally all over my delicate sensitive facial skin :(

-I got stuck in a pathetic cycle. First I would use a cleanser to dry my skin, then I would scrub off my skin, then my skin would turn red. I used to think 'this is normal' (NO IT IS NOT NORMAL!) Then I used a heavy-duty moisturizer to keep my skin soft and that would clog my pores and give me pimples and then I would again use a drying cleanser for the pimples and then the exfoliator to get rid of blackheads and again my skin would turn very dry and again and again....

It took me a long looooooooong time to understand that all the products I was using to look beautiful were actually hurting me real bad :(

How Do I Know My Skin Barrier Is Damaged?

Since last year my skin has been sending me signals..due to personal problems, increased stress levels, hormonal issues, weight problems, environmental aggressors and usage of too many products maybe..I can NO LONGER take it for granted. I need to be very mindful of what I put on my skin and the past month has been a revelation. Persistent redness on my entire face, burning sensation on my cheeks, breakouts all over the place, stubborn scars that refuse to go away, and no matter what I put on my skin, it burns. A month ago I was putting aloe vera on my skin and I was screaming- IT BURNS! NOTHING SUITS MY SKIN ANYMORE!

And that's when I knew. I had done it. Finally my skin has had enough of me trying everything under the sun in the name of 'beauty' and 'skincare'. Being a blogger does not give me permission to kill myself with my stupidity and my skin taught me this, loud and clear.

dealing with rosacea and damaged moisture barrier
Oh, Hello Inflammation. I missed you..NOT!

How to repair skin's damaged moisture barrier and deal with rosacea
Oh there you are, damaged skin's moisture barrier. How I longed to meet you, NOT!

Whoa, redness, inflammation, painful burning sensation...seems like fun? NOT!
Rosacea and Damaged Skin Barrier. My aim now is to banish them under the aegis of a lifestyle haul.

NOTHING will go on my face without patch test on my neck and inner elbow for atleast 48 hours.

No scrubbing, no hoarding of products, no using of new products just because they claim the sun and the moon or because they have pretty packaging. I am going to choose products specifically for my concerns. Rest I am going to let my mom or sister or other family members try :)

No comparing with anyone else, especially the photo-shopped models and celebrities in different magazines.

Do You Have A Damaged Skin Moisture Barrier? Do You Deal With Rosacea, Dermatitis, Eczema or such issues? 

I am going to come out with a series of products and routines specifically for those dealing with severe skin issues. Wait for it :)

Here, I want to tell every person reading this-

-Listen to your body

-Be mindful of your unique concerns

-Take care of your health, everything else will fall in place

-Don't be overwhelmed by all the ads for different beauty/skincare /haircare products out there and their beautiful packaging 

-Don't feel pressured by looking at airbrushed supermodels or celebrities..they spend tonnes of money on imported products, weekly visits to dermatologists and cosmetic surgery to look that way

-'Suitable for all skin types, no chemicals, tested products' are mostly marketing ploys. Only you know what will or won't suit your skin!

-Relax and smile and be happy, blemishes are good, scars are nice, laugh lines are the best

We are in this together. Hang on :)

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