Sunday, 3 July 2016

Ample Wholesale | | India's First Wholesale Online Grocery

Home sweet home. A major portion of our lives is spent stocking up on household supplies ranging from groceries, personal care products, stationery, packaged products and so on. After all, home is where the heart is,along with everything else :) 

But in today's hustle bustle and constant race,where is the time to actually go out and shop? My parents always tell such sweet stories of their childhood full of their vacations to their villages and getting groceries in bulk at home which would last for the whole year! Even in my childhood,I remember dad going to various kirana and such stores for various household supplies. 

Nowadays, convenience and saving time is of utmost importance. Special thanks to the rapid advancements in technology for bestowing upon us the gift of online shopping. We have multiple choices, quick delivery services, wide variety of products available at our fingertips. How does this become any better? 

Price! How about the convenience of shopping at fingertips for all top-notch branded products at wholesale prices? Sounds unbelievable,right? That was my reaction too when I first heard about Ample Wholesale - an online marketplace for delivering branded products at our doorstep while giving us the advantage of wholesale prices! One of my office colleagues first mentioned it and my curiosity was instantly piqued. Now this is what I call a revolutionary idea :) 

Groceries, Packaged Food, Electrical Products, Games and more are being offered at Ample Wholesale with major brands like Olay, Colgate, Dove, Himalaya, The Body Shop, Welspun, Philips, Scotch Brite and many many more available right now and more being added every month. Selling biggest packs or multiple packs makes it possible for them to get extra savings which are being passed on to the customer. I can completely see it becoming a one stop solution for multitude of our everyday needs. I have been browsing through their website and I see almost every brand used by my family available her at massive savings. Convenience, Comfort, Doorstep Delivery with Wholesale Pricing, Ample Wholesale seems like the innovative solution most of us have been waiting for. 

They have a membership model (making it India's first wholesale club) with the first few orders being free to encourage trials of this innovative solution and are LIVE in Mumbai including selected Thane & Navi Mumbai areas. I am immensely interested in trying them out and will keep you updated on my trysts with stocking up my home sweet home in most cost effective way possible :)

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